Are you a doctor who deals with chronic and lifestyle diseases ?​

Are you a doctor who wants to multiply your income and increase productivity in your consultation process ?

Are you a doctor who believes that
curative and preventive healthcare
work hand in hand ?​

Welcome to CARE4DOCTOR program

The best program in industry you will find that aims to growth hack a doctors productivity,
personal brand and helps them earn more with greater client satisfaction.

How can CARE4SCHOOL help you earn more with greater client satisfaction ?

How can CARE4DOCTOR help you reach thousands of people and build your personal brand ?

How does a Lifestyle Transformation program work ?

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As a doctor, you are getting an opportunity to
build your personal brand, make more money and get in touch with a community of
healthcare experts from different parts of India

No, this is not a teleconsultation business model. Here, we are not providing you
patients. Here, you are identifying specific patients who are interested for lifestyle
transformation and interested to transform themselves. They should have budget and
interest both.

CARE4DOCTOR is just in beginning
stage of its program and plans to improvise it with better technology and process. We
aim to become the largest service based provider in India within 3 years.

There is no specific time you
need to devote for this program. First of all, you need to understand how the program
works, complete your portfolio and then proceed further with the referral process.

You need to get in touch with the executive/ personnel
who contacted you. He/she will help you further, how to proceed. Also, fill up the form.
given below, so that our internal team will contact you further.