Geriatric Nutrition Program

This program is for all age groups from mental health issues during the time of first menses to age of menopause. This plan is for helping women develop more self-confidence, regaining individual control, resolving concerns with body image and raising poor self-esteem, improving interpersonal and communication abilities etc.

What Is?

After the age of 60, various bodily functions go into declining phases. Bones undergo osteoporosis, amyloid plaques in the brain increase the chances of Alzheimer’s, and lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes start affecting every organ in the body. Neglecting nutrition worsens it. Adequate amounts of macro and micronutrients can only stop the body from deteriorating. That’s where geriatric nutrition comes into the picture.

Who should  take a geriatric nutrition program? 

Senior citizens carry medicine boxes everywhere they go. Those who have started living a lifestyle that demands pills after and before each meal. To compensate for the side effects of one pill, they go for another one. This vicious cycle will end only when elderly people are given food that heals them.

Why should you take the Nutrition programme today ? 

When a geriatric population is admitted to the hospital for operatory procedures, there are chances that they might not recover.

If you don’t want your disease to reach a stage where it requires operative procedures, you have to start nourishing your body in a manner that starts thriving against the odds.

How NPPD Care Is Going To Help You?

Along with our team of nurses, counselors, and nutritionists, we ensure that the right nutrition is given to geriatric patients. While planning for their nutrition, we take into account the diseases they have and the medications they take. We understand that each elderly patient is different and has different requirements in terms of nutrition and compliance.

Our team of doctors and nutritionists collaborate to generate a suitable plan for a patient. During follow-up, we counsel the geriatric population and emphasize the importance of nutrition and medication to them.