Kids Nutrition Program

This program is for all age groups from mental health issues during the time of first menses to age of menopause. This plan is for helping women develop more self-confidence, regaining individual control, resolving concerns with body image and raising poor self-esteem, improving interpersonal and communication abilities etc.

What Is?

Young humans have a special need when it comes to nutrition. Also, you can’t just put it on their plate and expect them to accept it with zero negotiation. Mothers relate to this very strongly. To overcome this, you have to make food nutritious and palatable to their taste buds. For this, we have a kid’s nutrition programme.

Who should take the nutrition program ? 

If you find your child underweight even after stuffing them with food day in and day out, or else if you find your child gaining weight too quickly even after refraining from their favorite chocolates, this is peak time. If you realize traditional stuffing and refraining won’t help, you’d better get expert advice.

Why should you take a kid’s nutrition program today ?

When the younger ones keep growing, their bone health and brain health require nutrition as they are in a developmental state. If they are not provided with the right nutrition at the right time, they might have to suffer problems later in life.

Do not delay it just because you believe that there are no major health issues.

The lethargy and irritation in your child’s behaviour are enough of a signal to get help.

How NPPD Care Is Going To Help You?

Our team of counselors and nutritionists team up to make your child understand the importance of nutritious food. We work to help them fall in love with homemade food. Not just that, we do understand that it requires long hours to cook food and to keep up with your child’s nutrition and taste. But not anymore.

Our nutritionist will help you with recipes that help you get the right nutrition into a child’s tummy without sweating. A single energy drink will surely not make your child taller, stronger and shaper.

However, the wholesome nutrition for a month will give you the results expected during our follow-up.