If you have trouble managing your anger or discover that you often react violently to others before later regretting what you said or did. This program will help you gain peace of mind, improve your work experience, improve your personal relationship and protect your physical health.


A mood is a semi-persistent mental + physical + emotional condition that we experience as we go through our days. Often, the threats and opportunities that emotions and feelings convey are not one-time events; by maintaining a consistent mood, we are better prepared to deal with what comes next. Often, frustration or feeling stopped or impeded from something the subject feels is vital are the causes of anger. A protective reaction to underlying fear or feelings of vulnerability or helplessness can also be anger. Programs for controlling anger view rage as a motive brought on by a specific cause that can be rationally examined and managed.

Who Should Take This Program?

If you have trouble managing your anger or discover that you often react violently to others before later regretting what you said or did. People who can run with a parent who yells at their children, a partner who is emotionally abusive during disagreements, or a manager who loses it with staff.

Are causing bodily or verbal harm to others.

You are constantly irritated.

Feel as if your rage is out of control.

When you’re upset, you frequently regret what you’ve said or done.

Take note of how minor or insignificant things irritate you.

Why Should You Take This Program?

GAIN PEACE OF MIND: Anger and other strong negative emotions like sadness and frustration can take a lot out of you. It’s difficult living with angry outbursts, for you as well as for others who may be hurt or put off by your anger.

IMPROVE YOUR WORK EXPERIENCE: Untreated anger issues can hold you back at work or in school. If you can learn more about the root causes of your anger, you may be able to handle your negative emotions more effectively.

IMPROVE YOUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP: Intimate, family, and social relationships are all deeply affected by anger issues. Aggression, violence, and negative outbursts can damage your connections with your loved ones, and cause division and resentment.

PROTECT YOU PHYSICAL HEALTH: Anger puts your body through physical stress, and can make you more likely to deal with health problems like high blood pressure. And, anger management issues often go hand in hand with alcohol or drug abuse problems, also threats to your long-term physical health and wellness.

How Is NPPD Care Going To Help You?

Because of our team of highly qualified nutritionists and doctors, NPPD Care is known for giving the greatest healthcare services and assistance to its patients. We work with you to improve your mood, health, and overall functioning. Your healthcare provider will monitor your progress and make changes as necessary.

A lifetime of dreams are ruined by one angry moment.