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Don’t Let PCOS Define You…!!!

PCOS Healing Workshop

Learn to eat alignment with your cycle to balance your hormones naturally, heal your PCOS and experience new levels of health and confidence in your life !

12th November 2022 (Saturday)


What is PCOS Healing Workshop ?

A 2-hour live webinar teaching you to work with your menstrual cycle through the way you nourish yourself to bring balance and healing your life…

Many of us women have lived our lives believing that painful periods and symptoms of hormonal imbalance are normal. We’ve accepted mood swings, breakouts, bloating, digestive distress, weight issues, heavy and/or irregular bleeding (and more!) as the norm for us because that’s what we’ve always known and seen mirrored to us.

Get solution of all your problems regarding PCOS…

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Know About The Speaker ?

Payal Nigam

Consultant Nutritionist (CDE)

Experience of 10 years and counting…


• Pursuing Ph.D. in Sports Science & Nutrition from Annamalai
University, Chidambaram
• Pursuing B.Ed. in Nutrition from Singhania University,
• M.H.Sc. (Food Science & Nutrition) from Banasthali University,
• B.Sc. (Home Science) from C.C.S. University, Meerut with.

To know more from her.

In This Webinar we will learn

• How to adjust your diet to eat in alignment with each phase of your cycle ?

• Side-Effects?

• How to adjust your diet to eat in alignment with each phase of your cycle ?

• How will Lifestyle changes help in healing PCOS ?

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Get all the useful tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Learn about all the possible remedies for PCOS.

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