Thyroid nutrition program

This program is for all age groups from mental health issues during the time of first menses to age of menopause. This plan is for helping women develop more self-confidence, regaining individual control, resolving concerns with body image and raising poor self-esteem, improving interpersonal and communication abilities etc.

What Is?

Thyroid is the butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck. Any dysfunction happening in that, causes thyroid disease. It is also known as abnormal thyroid. Our body consists of Thyroid gland responsible for secreting thyroid essential for managing and controlling metabolism. Over-secretion from these glands causes hyperthyroidism and Under-secretion from these glands can cause hypothyroidism both of which are dangerous for our health.

Who should take the Thyroid Nutrition program? 

Thyroid Nutrition Program is effective on all men, women or children experiencing anxiety, trouble sleeping, loss in weight, muscle weakness etc as a symptom of hyperthyroidism.

Adding on, this program is also helpful for people suffering from hypothyroidism having symptoms like fatigue, gaining weight, forgetfulness, frequent and heavy menstrual periods.

It consists of an entire nutrition and diet plan from our experienced nutritionist to lead a healthy life.

Why  should take the Thyroid Nutrition program today ? 

Both Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism can be caused by a variety of reasons. They can also be passed on from generation to generation. So, if you are the one going through any of these symptoms and ignoring it, it will prove to be very bad for you in future. Then this thyroid Nutrition program is for your rescue, it consists of best nutrition advice from our experienced doctors. It is definitely going to be an enriching experience for you and you will see positive growth in your health.

How NPPD Care Is Going To Help You?

NPPD Care is known for providing best healthcare services and assistance to our patients with the help of our team of qualified specialists, nutritionists and doctors. We here work collaboratively with you to help you feel better, become fitter and perform better in life. You will be in closed contact with our doctors regularly over call and text.

Our healthcare provider will monitor your thyroid treatments and make adjustments over time.