NPPD 21 Days Challenge

Transform your health and wellness in just 3 weeks with NPPD Care’s holistic approach to fitness!

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Completion Benefits:

Upon completing the challenge, you’ll receive:

  • Completion Certificate
  • Free Knowledgeable E-PDFs
  • Discounted Access to Our Services




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Week 1: Nutritionist Consultation and Assessment

  1. Complete a basic online assessment questionnaire to provide insights into dietary habits and wellness goals.

  2. Participate in a personalized consultation session with the nutritionist to receive tailored recommendations.

  3. Receive a detailed report summarizing assessment results and a personalized nutrition plan.

Week 2: Psychologist Consultation and Mental Wellness Training

  1. Engage in interactive online sessions focusing on stress management, emotional resilience, and mindfulness techniques.

  2. Have individual consultations with the psychologist to address mental health concerns and receive personalized strategies.

  3. Access virtual training sessions designed to cultivate positive mental habits and improve overall well-being.

    Week 3: Trainer Consultation and Fitness Training

    1. Participate in dynamic fitness training sessions led by a certified trainer.

    2. Have one-on-one consultations with the trainer to assess fitness level, set achievable goals, and design customized workout routines.

    3. Access virtual training sessions, exercise demonstrations, and motivational support to stay committed to fitness goals.

      Focus on your mental well-being with mindfulness exercises and stress-relief techniques.

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      FAQ (Frequently asked questions):

      What is NPPD Care's 21-Day Challenge?

      The NPPD Care 21-Day Challenge is a holistic health and wellness program designed to transform your lifestyle in just three weeks. It combines physical fitness, nutrition, and mental health exercises to help you achieve overall well-being, aligning with our company’s holistic health and wellness view and brand. 

      How does the challenge work?

      Each week focuses on a different aspect of health: physical fitness, nutrition and diet, and mental health and fitness. Participants receive daily challenges and guidance to complete tasks related to each week’s theme.

      Who can participate in the challenge?

      The challenge is open to anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, the program is tailored to accommodate various fitness levels and goals.

      Do I need any special equipment or prior experience to join?

      No special equipment is required for participation. The challenges are designed to be accessible and can be completed with minimal equipment or none at all. Additionally, the program is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, including beginners. Moreover the challenge would be conducted online throughout, further increasing your convenience since you don’t have to go to any physical space specifically to participate and perform in the challenge. 

      What are the completion benefits?

      Upon completing the challenge, participants receive a completion certificate as recognition of their commitment to improving their health. They also gain access to free knowledgeable e-PDFs containing valuable information on health and wellness topics. Furthermore, participants are eligible for discounted access to NPPD Care’s services.

      How do I sign up for the challenge?

      Signing up for the challenge is easy! Simply click on the “Sign Up Now” button on our landing page and follow the instructions to register. Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive all the necessary information and resources to get started.

      Is there a cost to participate in the challenge?

      The NPPD Care’s 21-Day Challenge is currently being offered at a fair cost of 499 Indian rupees to participants. We promise it will be a worthy investment from start till the end.

      How can I get in touch with NPPD Care for further assistance?

      If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us via email at [NPPD Care’s Email ID] or by phone at [NPPD Care’s official number]. Our team is here to help you every step of the way!

      Can I participate in the challenge if I have existing health conditions or dietary restrictions?

      While we encourage everyone to prioritise their health and wellness, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before starting any new fitness or nutrition program, especially if you have existing health conditions or dietary restrictions. Our challenge may not be suitable for everyone, and it’s important to prioritise your safety and well-being.

      Is there a community or support system for challenge participants?

      Yes! Participants will have access to a supportive online community where they can connect with fellow challengers, share experiences, and receive encouragement and motivation throughout the program.

      Loved the assistance

      I participated in the the 21 Day challenge and had a wonderful experience with all the consulation I need for my mental fitness and to get out of a mental trauma.
      Astha Negi
      Astha Negi
      House Wife

      Physical Training was wonderful

      I doesn't felt it like I was taking the training online. The consultation was very good and sleeky which help me to understand everything.
      Rohit Pandey
      Rohit Pandey
      Software Engineer

      Awesome nutrition plan

      In the part of the first week, the nutrition plan I received was so nice that I felt it to be the best plan I ever had. The diet plan includes all the vegies to increase my fitness.
      Aniket Singh
      Aniket Singh