This page is designed for individuals and corporate to partner/colab with us. If you are a doctor, trainer, nutritionist, gym owner, clinic/hospital owner, healthcare specialist or any healthcare/fitness business owner, this page will be relevant for you to understand why and how we collab .

Collab with Individuals

We are inviting healthcare specialists and doctors to collaborate with us. As a healthcare services provider, we are creating a community of like-minded people who can understand our vision and are ready to learn and reduce the specialist-patient gap during consultation and tracking.


Things that we provide:

1. A platform to showcase your profile.

2. A community that always helps and supports Business growth and personal branding.

3. Events (both offline and online).

4. Technology related full support.

5. Affiliate partner.

6. Chance to become business partner by opening up new verticals.

7. Training and support on social media, content creation, etc. 

Things that we expect from you: 

1. Open minded and learning mindset.

2. Follow and execute the steps one-by-one.

3. Content creation and engagement.

4. Events (both online and offline) in your city.

5. Refer specialists in your community. 

Partner on boarding Process:

Step 1: Understanding the business model.

Step 2: Filling up your response.

Step 3: Digital Onboarding (poster in LinkedIn and Instagram).

Step 4: Training and activities.

Step 5: Start getting /referring clients simultaneously.


If you have completed your degree and working as a Doctor already, this role suits you. You should have a decent clientele and be willing to create content and speak at online and offline events. We will provide you with a personalized page which will act as your portfolio and training on how to refer and onboard clients to the CARE platform. 

If you are interested to proceed, fill up this form and our team will get back to you within 48 hours. .


If you are interested to know more, watch the video and understand the concept from the  

Trainer/ Nutritionist  

As we are into holistic lifestyle modification, trainers and nutritionists are the backbones of NPPD CARE. We are looking for like-minded individuals who already have good experience and want to proceed further with their branding and content creation. We also have a gym and clinic collab where we try to provide online marketing and business development services which you can also be a part of. You should have good experience in handling clients and be comfortable with content creation and taking in online and offline events. 

If you are interested to proceed, fill up this form and our team will get back to you within 48 hours. .

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